Month: March 2020

27 Mar

Little Pepsi‘s Newborn Session

It is always exciting but challenging when parents ask for a creative photo. Recently, we got an inquiry from a daddy. The newborn girl’s daddy is a big fan of Pepsi. He named his baby girl a nickname “little pepsi” and asked for a photo related to her nickname. It really took a long time to finalize the design. And the parents were so delighted when the final photo was ready.  Look, How adorable she is!

20 Mar

Wilson’s newborn session at his home

 Although the best time for newborn session is during the baby’s 5-12 days after the baby’s born, we had Wilson’s session when he was 24 days old due to her mom’s healthy situation.

Wilson’s mom,Coco, had a C-section, and didn’t recover well in the first two weeks, we scheduled the newborn session in the third week and it was done perfectly in a tiny little space in their Condo.

Lucky Enough, we captured Wilson’s smile during the session. Look, how adorable he is!