Month: June 2020

12 Jun

4-month-old Cayla at Studio

When babies reach their 4 months, most of them are able to raise up their head easily. And they like to react on adult’s voices, movements or expressions. I really enjoy taking photos for babies in this period because they are so curious to the new environment yet not develop stranger anxiety. They are most likely to show their smile or their interests in front of the camera.  

It was quite a joy experiment for me when little Cayla came to my studio. We both had countless great moments throughout the session!

03 Jun

Handmade props by a gifted mom for her little angle

When Anosha reached me to arrange a newborn session for her little girl, Arya, I had no idea it was going to be an unique experience for me. She asked if I can create a hairdresser & makeup artist theme for Arya as she hand made a little hat for the theme. I was totally amazed by her craft when she took a photo of it and so thrilled to have the session to see how the result would be.

And here we go, the final photos!  ( The theme is impossible to recreate as the kay props are not from our studio!  They are created by the talented mom, Anosha! )

I know how quickly babies grow and really enjoyed capturing moments. I appreciate Anosha and Rafi for trusting me throughout the communication on email and during the session. It’s so amazing to capture this special time with your little one. Congratulations!