Month: July 2020

27 Jul

2017 vs 2020

It’s always delightful when I receive emails from my previous customers. It means that we can get together again. 

Annette first contacted me in 2017 to photograph her first newborn,Nicholas. This year we met again for her second boy, Marcus. Look, the little potato has grown into a little naughty who can’t even hold a pose for a second. 



10 Jul

A Blessed Day In My 4-Year Career

I can’t express in words how lucky I am to get this precious picture. I pressed the shutter and didn’t know that I was kissed by the goddess of luck back at that moment. The twins reached the time to drink milk and they started to wake up. We tried our best to calm them down and managed to capture a few photos. When I went home to review the images, I found that I caught a picture of two little guys smiling at the same time. I was so happy that I even cannot stop shedding tears, feeling so grateful for capturing this moment. I didn’t ever expect I could create this image as it requested so many facts. 

As a photographer, creating beautiful works is my lifelong pursuit in my career, and I feel proud to share my little story here. Hope you would like this work too.

01 Jul

Maternity photo shoot with Kathleen & Andrew

I don’t believe anyone meets Kathleen for the first time and doesn’t like this young lady, at least I was attracted by her charming smile immediately when we just said hey to each other. Kathleen is a confident and friendly mom-to-be.

During the shooting, she also generously shared her love story with her expectant father Andrew which made the time pass quickly. I appreciate the cute couple for their generosity of sharing some of their final images on my blog. Congratulations to you, Kathleen and Andrew, all the best to your new journey!