A Guide To Shooting An In-Home Lifestyle Sessions With Your Child

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Are you looking for an awesome way to create memories that will last a lifetime with your child? You might want to consider an in-home lifestyle session. An in-home photography session can help you create photos that are completely unique to your family. 

What Is In-Home Photography?

In-home photography sessions, as you might have guessed, take place in your home. As such, you don’t have to worry about bringing the whole family over to a studio. Instead, with an in-home photography session, the professional photographer comes to your home. You can schedule this around a time that best suits you and the rest of your family. 

Benefits Of In-Home Photography 

For the parent, there are tremendous benefits of in-home photography. We’ve already mentioned one of the advantages. You don’t need to head to the studio. Instead, the photographs are taken in the comfort of your home. This is particularly beneficial if you are shooting lifestyle sessions with your child because they’re always going to feel more comfortable in an environment that they feel familiar with. 

As such, you’ll find that more of their personality and unique qualities come out through the photography and children are also going to be more relaxed. This can lead to some great shots that you will want to keep forever. 

In-home lifestyle sessions also avoid the cheesy and unnatural posing pictures. As well as being a cliche, these images don’t allow the unique things that make your family great to shine through. You can’t see the individual personalities in these photos and for that reason, it’s difficult to find the emotion or meaning behind them. 

When you look at a studio photo of you and your child you might have a memory such as:

Oh, that’s when we visited that studio. It took us a while to get Johnny to pose for the photo, didn’t it? What did we have to bribe him with? Look at that cheeky grin. 

In-home lifestyle sessions are different. They tell a completely individual story. They show something meaningful about who your child is or who they were at that age. You might look at the photo and remember how creative they were, how playful they were or how much they made you laugh. This will always depend on your individual shoot and that’s the key point. 

It’s completely individual. A lifestyle session won’t look like any other photos of any other family. It will be a special moment, preserved in time that highlights who your child is and what they were like growing up. This can be priceless for a parent looking back. 

It can also provide a stunning piece of art that you can use as a centrepiece of any room in your home. In house, lifestyle sessions provide photos that you might take yourself. However, they also bring the additional benefit of a professional photographer. They’ll be able to pinpoint those magic moments and provide a breathtaking shot of you and your child together. 

Preparing For An Awesome In Home Photography Experience

Do you think an in-home lifestyle session could be a great choice for you and your child? If so, there are a few details you should know and some things that will help you prepare. 

Think Of An Activity

One of the biggest benefits of in-home lifestyle photography sessions is that you can get some awesome candid photos. If this is what interests you most about this possibility, then you should make sure that you are planning activities for you and your child. For instance, you can set up some toys for them to play with or perhaps a puzzle. You might even want to plan a specific activity like bathing your child. It’s entirely up to you what activity you choose but by planning ahead, you get a fantastic chance of gaining some great candid shots. 

Let The Kids Show Who They Are 

One of the best pieces of advice that we can offer when you’re opting for this type of shoot is to make sure that you allow your child or children to lead the way. It’s true, for the first few minutes, kids will often be shy and withdrawn around a photographer, with a few notable exceptions. However, after that period has passed they’ll quickly want to show off, take advantage of the camera and have fun. If you encourage this or simply let children be in their element, then you’ll get some incredible photos. 

Be Flexible

Lighting is key when you are getting photos taken. The right lighting can alter the mood and style of a photo. It can be the difference between a shot that looks absolutely perfect and something that is a little more plain. You won’t be able to control the level of lighting that your home offers. However, a photographer will find the best spots for photos and encourage you to use them. If you listen to their advice and use the space they recommend the final results will be even more magical. 

Think About Using Bedrooms 

Parents will often choose the living room which is a more formal location for a photo opportunity. However, you might also want to consider the bedroom. Your kid’s bedroom will provide a chance for their personality to come through because this is their space. It’s where they feel the most comfortable and it can also provide great lighting too. 

Don’t Dress Up

Finally, you want to keep things casual and fun when you are having a photo session in your home like this. If you are dressed up in your Sunday best, then it can spoil the aesthetic and make the photo seem unnatural. You can accidentally lose one of the best benefits of this type of shoot. 

Instead, you want to keep things fun and carefree. You can even think about allowing your kids to play dress up and once again ensure they just have great fun. This can also help them feel more relaxed in front of the camera and guarantee some great shots that you will adore.

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