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15 Oct

Newborn Session with Aisha

It must be a wonderful experience when you are born with a cute big brother waiting and loving you already there.

Congratulations to baby Aisha, your brother Wael cannot stop kessing you. And I’m sure you have known it as you are smile too!

17 Sep


Lucas came to A Little One Studio when he was turning 1 year old. He is a very happy boy that his mom said he could smile for all day. It was definitely true. most of his photos were smiling during his photo session. What a cheerful boy!

17 Sep

Newborn session for Averie

It would be challenging to manage a sibling shoot when the older sibling is still a toddler.

Joseph, Averie’s brother, is an active boy. His mom was sure if he would be cooperative in the photo shoot. It turned out he really loved his little sister!