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In the summer’s heat, we gather ’round, Eating watermelon on the grassy ground. The sun sets, casting hues of gold, As children’s laughter begins to unfold.

Juicy slices, sweet and bright, Refreshing our souls with every bite. Dribbles and smiles, sticky and sweet, As the summer’s symphony finds its beat.

Green lawns beneath our barefoot toes, As the evening’s glow softly grows. We chase the daylight, running free, In this moment of pure serenity.

With every juicy seed we spit, Memories of summer forever knit. The warmth, the joy, the pure delight, A summer’s evening, a precious sight.

So let us savor this cherished time, As the season’s song continues to chime. In the embrace of the setting sun, Our summer memories have just begun.

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